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Welcome on behalf of the North American Lutheran Church Candidacy Committee.

If you are discerning the Lord’s call to serve his Church in the ordained ministry and would like to explore the possibility of living into that calling in the NALC, we invite you to learn more about the candidacy process by reading “Candidacy Process.”  To emphasize a few of the key points:

  • Theological education (Masters of Divinity) and a year of supervised, parish internship are REQUIRED in order to be eligible for call in the NALC.
  • There are three (3) primary steps in the candidacy process:
    • Entrance (beginning),
    • Endorsement (prior to internship),
    • Approval (prior to interviewing for call)
  • A criminal background check and psychological evaluation are REQUIRED of all candidates.
  • The Candidacy Committee meets for candidate interviews in March, June, and October of each year in Columbus, OH.  To be eligible for an interview panel with the committee, candidates MUST SUBMIT ALL REQUIRED forms, essays, fees, etc. to the main office NO LATER THAN 30 days prior to the date of the candidacy meeting.

The NALC Candidacy Committee takes great joy in walking with our candidates for ministry as they pursue their educational and experiential requirements.  If you would like more information concerning candidacy in the NALC, please contact [email protected].

God’s blessings as you continue to discern His call.

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